Hey Everyone!

I’m Susan Reynolds, your Bad Mutha Advocate.  Well, here’s a little bit about me, my family, my inspiration, and my motivation.  I’m an Army brat that became an Air Force spouse.  I am incredibly proud to be an AF spouse.  I crack inappropriate jokes about my husband’s career field (he’s an AF Weather guy) on a constant basis.  I mean…how many times can you be wrong and still have a job?  Only the weather guy can.

Volunteering is in my blood.  It’s part of who I am.  I think my most favorite volunteer gig was being an afternoon DJ for AFN radio in Germany.  It was fun and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Since arriving in NC I have had the pleasure of serving my community in a variety of ways.  I am most proud of the military support group  Cranial Helmets:  Re-Shaping Our Children’s Future By Using Our Heads.  Working alongside the National Association of Children’s Hospitals, I was able to identify coverage gaps in pediatric healthcare policies within TRICARE.  When my Ian needed a cranial re-shaping helmet, I got a crash course on the inequities of healthcare policies within Federal payor programs.  In January 2013 the TRICARE for Kids provision was signed into effect as part of the National Defense Authorization Act and a working group of stakeholders is updating TRICARE as we speak.

Between bedtime battles, deployments, my son’s obsession with Thomas the Train and jazz music, I have found the time to put together this blog and share information with you all.  I am a firm believer in grassroots change, which is why I am the Bad Mutha Advocate!

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