A New Beginning

I have started at least three blogs in the last few years.  I think part of it is, that they are difficult to keep up with, and I forget.  It’s that simple.  But something in me has changed.  I have found a focus that I never knew possible for my ADHD self and so I went and got advice from some of the most well respected people I know.

My friend Claire said to start  a professional blog.  I thought at first she was crazy, but then I realized…she’s right.

If I’m going to gather information, share it with others, and advocate for pediatric healthcare updates in TRICARE, then I needed an avenue to do all of that.

My name is Susan and I’m a military spouse and mom taking the fight to TRICARE.  My son needed a cranial re-shaping helmet and it wasn’t covered by our insurance.  These helmets were covered over a decade ago, and they are covered by Medicaid.  I don’t want a handout, I just want preventative healthcare for my son.  I’m only getting started, so please share your story, share your worries, and we’ll do great things together.

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